“…Doug is one of those extremely qualified and capable free lance estimators that does a superb job when doing estimating. If you haven’t read Doug’s bio, he was a senior officer of Trend Millwork and has years of experience. A company that took advantage of Doug’s estimating prowess would be making a very good investment.” – Warren Blakslee, American Millwork & Cabinetry
  • Save your resources
  • Increase your bidding capabilities
  • Use our Estimators

Estimating Services Include:

Fast, accurate estimating of all millwork and casework items including all peripherals. Always an eye on the risks in the estimating task looking for missing or derogatory details and information to reduce any risk to the millworker. We consider all aspect of the manufacturing from machinery type to applicable processes. And continue with the installation, allowing for phasing and logistics. Please give our estimators an opportunity to assist you.

  • Conceptual Budgets
  • Budget Estimates
  • Quantity Survey – Detailed Takeoff
  • Detailed estimate including all elements that touch millwork
  • Bill of Materials, labor task breakdown
  • Detailed estimate for installtion
  • Review your plan service for projects to bid
  • Review existing estimates
  • Value Engineering
  • Detailed estimate for Change Orders
  • Pre/Post bid scope review and estimate adjustments
  • Schedule of Values – LEED credit reporting
  • Imperial or Metric
  • Electronic plan readers, larger monitors
  • Printing capabilities
“We are very pleased with the help you gave us and we are very satisfied with the way that you work. We count on you for future projects. Happy New Year and thanks for following up.” – Pablo Antonelli, Kauri Group-Miami

You pay for direct, focused and uninterrupted estimating time. You do not pay for overtime, breaks, holiday pay, taxes, workman’s compensation, pension, benefits, etc.

Other Services Include:

  • Online Software Application**
  • Downloadable Software Application**
  • Use our estimating services
  • Use our estimating change order services
  • Software training
  • Estimating instruction
  • Industry training and instruction
  • Consulting on your existing business procedures and projects
  • Business Development and Marketing
  • Custom Programming
“Thanks for the good work on this. It is nice to have someone I can trust to get this right. I like the detail and the more detail the better.” – Ben Ratterree, Blue Ridge Cabinetworks – Spartanburg, SC

Estimators Available Now

Use Prime 6400 Estimators for:

  • Accurate and detailed takeoffs
  • Quick response times
  • Supplementing our personel
  • Increasing your volume without adding personel
  • Checking your existing system
  • Providing independent cost confirmation
  • Estimating returned online (for system users) or by PDF/Excel format

Prime6400 Associates

This Association is a close group of experienced estimators that have many years of experience including company owners, project managers, operation managers, autocad techs, CNC techs. All drawn together with a common goal, to provide a top notch professional estimating services for the Architectural Woodwork, Millwork and Casework industry.

Each estimator individually or in a group operates with the same principals, means and methods using the Prime6400 Estimating Software.

Other Independent Prime6400 Users

This is an independent estimator using Prime6400 Estimating Software to prepare estimates for their clients.


Other Estimators Available

Engineers Available

** – All information herein has been obtained from the Licensed User/Individuals or other source deemed reliable and is not guaranteed by Prime6400. It is Viewer’s responsibility to verify, any or all information.

Designed For:

Construction ManagersGeneral Contractors
Carpentry ContractorsMillwork/Casework Contractors
Installation ContractorsSpecialty Contractors
Manufactured Specialty Contractors

Utilized For:

Conceptual BudgetsPreliminary Budgets
Pre-Contruction Budgets 10-100%GMP Budgets
Material ListChanges Order Pricing/Validation
Schedule of ValuesCheck Price(esp. if single bidder)

Scope of Work:

Casework – MillworkSolid Surface
Stone TopsSpecialty Hardware
Architectural MetalsArchitectural Glass
3-Form SurfacesWood Panelling
PlasticsWood Frames
Manufactured SpecialtiesAcoustical Panels
Doors, Frames, Hardware

Utilized Where:

Health Care FacilitiesHospitality Facilities
Higher Education FacilitiesSport Facilities
Government FacilitiesCorporation Offices
Gaming FacilitiesExtended Living Facilities
High End Residential

**High Speed Internet Connection Required

If Your Job Is:

To prepare estimates for budgeting, GMP pricing, competitive bidding and cost savings for Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) or AWMAC Millwork, Casework, Architectural Woodwork and Finish Carpentry.

If Your Requirements Are:

Software that will provide you complete control of your exact estimating needs that is accessible from anywhere.
Templated formatted procedures, databases, calculations of 1000’s of libraries and reporting all aspects of the estimate.

We Provide:

An online software application accessible anywhere with a high speed internet connection with all data secured in our Data_Vault and only accessible by your protected password or as a stand alone software application on your laptop, your desktop or your server.

Additional Services:

Use your estimators or use our estimators to supplement yours if needed. All information still accessible by you from anywhere.
We also provide instruction, training, custom programming and consulting configured to suit your needs.

With 40 years of estimating experience, we firmly believe that implementing the lastest, fastest and most accurate millwork estimating system is an absolute necessity for any business at all levels from budgeting to procuring materials and labor.