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The challenge – A Typical Day In The Life Of Our Prime6400 Customers

Our Prime6400 customers build unique products designed to their customer specifications, and each product requires an exclusive set of labor and materials – and schedules also need to include machines and equipment. Estimates and quotations are mandatory to win business, and in some cases estimates can take advantage from previous jobs that had similar characteristics. The goal is to constantly move away from estimate “guessing”, and towards to accurate costing, and to significantly reduce the business risk of poor projecting (the end customer can become loyal and the Pirme6400 customer can consistently maximize profit). Products are complex with long lead times, typically many months. The end customer is often heavily involved throughout the entire design and manufacturing process (change orders) – and changes are a way of life. Materials are purchased not for inventory but for a specific project. All actual costs are allocated to a project and tracked against the original estimate. Once complete, the product is typically installed at the customer’s site. In most cases, aftermarket services can continue throughout the life of the product.

The platform solution

Prime6400 closes the loop

Bid Management             

  • Client contact control
  • Group estimate control
  • Follow up features
  • Estimate/estimator status

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  • Estimates are fast and accurate
  • Intuitive, Drag & Drop techniques
  • Including Standard Items or Custom/One-of-a-Kind – Or – Combinations of Both!
  • Itemize installation, buy outs, contract services, and any other costs
  • Administrate Separate Price, Change Orders, Value engineering
  • Estimating Software developed by an Estimator for Estimators
  • Guaranteed to reduce your estimating time
  • Designed to bid to tomorrow’s deadline
  • Not a Spreadsheet Application, Auto Error Checking, no missed cells/ranges
  • Easy Reporting – Easy to Assemble Library
  • Six Easy Ways to Price Special/Custom work/Buyout
  • Setup Time only 4 – 8 Hours [Not Weeks]
  • Convert UOM + Quantity Generator
  • Custom items become library items for recall at anytime
  • Update late arriving material costs instantaneously
  • LEED Credit Reporting

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Project Management

  • Project Turnover from estimating
  • Accepted bids are converted to projects at the touch of a button
  • Details can be added for color selection, field dimension verification, etc.
  • AIA Schedule of Values generator
  • Materials can be scheduled, request sent to purchasing
  • Prepare submittal/shop drawing registers, RFI, transmittal
  • Assign schedule dates for fabrication

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Material Management

  • Project turnover from Project management
  • Material Status – required, ordered, partially received, received
  • Requests for Quote
  • Purchase Orders
  • Inventory
  • Expected material follow up
  • Cost Codes

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 Shop Management

  • Prepare Work Orders
  • Convert requested dates to scheduled dates
  • Material/Labor breakdown with each Work Order
  • View Work Order status by project/all projects
  • Prepare Packing Slips
  • Labor task reporting

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Shop Floor Data Collection (PrimeClock)

  • Full Featured Time & Attendance
  • Labor Collection for Job Costing
  • Dynamic Job Progress Data
  • Receiving Against Purchase Orders
  • Material Allocation for Jobs
  • Shipping–with Full Control & Documentation
  • Simple, Convenient Touch-Screens

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Cost Accountability

  • As all cost data is being collected, managers can easily view the profitability of the project
  • Labor, overhead, and material costs are all revealed up to the minute
  • Comparison of actual costs vs. estimated can be viewed at any time, with data flowing dynamically from the shop floor

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Data Custom export/API

Connecting to Your Legacy/Business Critical Software, we offer start to end integration solutions tailored for the manufacturing industry. Our manufacturing solutions facilitate seamless integration that drives collaboration and process efficiencies.  Seamlessly connect with  ™ and © third party software:

  • Planswift Takeoff Digitizer
  • OnScreen Takeoff Digitizer
  • Bluebeam collaboration/digitizing software
  • CabinetVision [.ord]
  • Microvellum [.xml]
  • Sage Master Builder [.takeoff]
  • QuickBooks [.iif]
  • Ask us about:
    • custom programming to other software and systems important to you and;
    • we can also help with custom reports!

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Prime6400 – Rapid Return On Investment

  • Faster, more accurate estimates and order fulfillment -> Lower estimating cost, more profitable jobs
  • Change order management -> Recover change order revenue
  • Integrated solution – no ‘islands of automation’ -> Fewer: questions, delays, production mistakes
  • Accurate job cost and manufacturing statistics -> Better estimates, improved productivity
  • Better scheduling & resource utilization -> Faster fulfillment, lower operating costs
  • Short lead times & delivery cycles -> More satisfied customers, higher profit repeat business!

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Platforms Cloud or On-Premise

At Prime, we realize that Cloud/SaaS software model gives you immediate business benefits with seamless  updates, shorter usability times, more usability from end users due to mobile access and independence from a demand for an IT dept. In contrast, on-premises solutions give you more integration with your existing IT and operational systems, and you have a Plan B for keeping work moving at your option.  Solution?  We allow you to choose and can adapt to your current business processes.

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16 Reasons Why You Should Choose Prime6400 Over Other Software

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