Our Mission Statement

Prime Estimating & Software, Inc is a committed and innovative company with an affiliation/membership to the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI). We represent the best interest of Owners, Architects, General Contractors, Millwork Contractors, Carpentry Contractors and Specialty Contractors for the costing, budgeting and bidding process.

Founded the following principles upon:

  • Respect for the Client
  • Understanding of the industry
  • Need for fast, accurate, precise and efficient data collection
  • Need the same for pricing and submitting your bid to predetermined deadlines
  • Embellish the clients existing sources of data

Goals bound to achieve:

  • Capture technology to collect data and manipulate
  • Allow export of data with other industry software
  • Establish a proven standard for estimating
  • Establish easy means for consistent bidding, value engineering, exact reporting to be shares with Contractors, Architects and Owners
  • Promote the education of the woodwork industry

Our Guarantee

The use of host/online software carries a money back guarantee** for a period of 90 days from the date of the signed agreement. Money back guarantee is limited to the fee for usage and does not include any costs paid for training, expenses, custom programming, etc. less administration fee. Downloaded or on disk software is not refundable. Refund offer not valid after 30 day trial offer.

The software is guaranteed to be a full and functional system with default settings as provided by the system administrator. Setting are industry standard in nature and must be reviewed and modified to suit your business application.

In the event that the client is not satisfied with the use or services of this site, the client shall in writing inform, Prime Estimating & Software Services, LLC with the reasons for their dissatisfaction and the opportunity to correct these problems. It shall be at the sole discretion of Prime Estimating & Software Services, Inc as to the validity of the comment and the action to be taken to correct the comment if any.

Additional charges to correct the agreed problem/s will not be incurred by the client provided the Web site does not perform correctly and at the sole discretion of Prime Estimating & Software Services, Inc. Additional charges may apply for including but not limited to specific client requests if available, repairs to data due to corruption caused by the clients interface.

Prime will guarantee in case of insolvency or similar causes, User will have ability to contact Third Party Agent for continued use or purchase of software and data. Account must be paid in full, User can arrange with Third Party to continue hosted services or arrangement to purchase the application and data. Extra charges will apply.

Items not included and not limited to Internet connection, third party entities, client network performance, etc.